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What exactly do we do?

  • Definition of project goals and objectives (which, if done well, often is half of the solution)
  • (Above often requires) Clarification of mission and vision
  • Collection of "hard data", i.e. market, socioeconomic and other traditional relevant information
  • Collection of "soft data" through Role games, Intuitive drawing, Free Writing techniques
  • Analytics: both hard and soft data
  • Coaching circles and Deep listening exercises to link individual manifestations with organisational and planetary challenges
  • Open Space workshops, Integral Strategy workshops with multiple stakeholders, Collective listening to conclude the strategic direction
  • Action plan building
  • Coaching support of Implementation
The prerequisite for an alternative approach is that the world is changing at an immense speed. What is particularly affected..

Context: The goal set in the world, say, in summer of 2022 may not be relevant already in autumn

Bonds: Socio cultural, ecosystem, spiritual and economic connections that were developed through decades, even centuries, break apart in months. Some call it "divides", this civilisation never experienced that size of a gap between rich and poor, between us and the Earth, between me in a selfie and true me.

Opportunities: New options open up that were invisible even one year ago

News: Many, really a lot of, important positive events and developments pass unnoticed
So is it really possible to make strategic decisions with technologies we consider today as mainstream? What is mainstream?

  • It is dealing with facts by looking at trends and cycles that are based on the Past
  • It is treating only Political, Economic
, Social factors
  • It is working within Organisational, at most Regional scale

It's very soon becomes clear at any strategic workshop, participants acknowledge it, that "It'n not enough", "Too small", "We need more".
What needs to be added/changed in the approaches?

Time axis: Analyse not only from the Past, but from the Now and the Future as well

Factor axis: To political, economical and social add Cultural
, Ecological
, Systemic

Scale axis: From region, country stretch to National, Continental, Planetary

Intelligence axis: To traditional analysing mind (IQ) add Emotional (EQ)
, Physical (PQ)
, Spiritual (SQ)

Structure axis: In classic hierarchy allow
To self organise
Those are examples of how issues are defined in the beginning

Business Strategy: How to regain market leadership in 5 years and retain it profitably for another 5 years?

International Business Development Strategy: By developing which product and services and by focusing on which markets we will faster become a successful sustainable international company?

Marketing Strategy: How do we effectively and sustainably enter the market in a new country with less possible investments, be perceived positively and secure 10 orders during the first year?

Communication Strategy: How to launch this new online service and become market leader in 3 years?
If we take typical strategic project roadmap, how do TerraScope solutions are reflected there?

Goal setting: Allow 2-5 times more attention here as the right objective is often a half of the solution

Data collection: Work with numbers but allow the feelings and intuition of people at various levels to also be considered

Analysing: Play roles games, draw together, attend deeper and at other levels of listening in addition to numbering

Forming Decisions: Discharge the mind, pause and allow the Decision to emerge, to challenge the dry logic

Building into Strategy and Plan: Do it with those who will later be implementing it
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